As we update our website this holding page is designed to provide you with a snapshot of our services and programmes.

We are a family run company based in the Midlands delivering a range of initiatives and programmes that support mental and emotional health and educate organisations about Self Intelligence.  

We have been delivering specialised mental and emotional health keynotes, training, consultancy and coaching programmes for the past 15 years to a wide range of organisations and sectors. These include the public and private sector, schools, the military, parents and families. We have designed and facilitated programmes for organisations such as Mind, Homestart, YMCA and the RAF Benevolent Fund and have also successfully run a funded Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme in Staffordshire for the past two years. 

We define our work as Self-Intelligence which is being able to recognise, understand and manage your own thoughts, emotions, physiology and connection to the wider world. This knowledge impacts on your daily habits, behaviours, feelings and your overall ‘sense of self’. It does this through various elements including: “checking in” to our thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations on a regular basis; practising attentional control; improving the ability to step back and think and act more rationally.

Self-Intelligence also helps you to recognise, understand and influence the reactions/responses of others. In practical terms, this means being aware of what drives your own human behaviour and how you have the power to impact people both positively and negatively, by recognising both yours and their level of Self-Intelligence.   

Big Happiness Academy 

Big Happiness Academy is the training arm of Big Happiness CiC , our comprehensive courses provide staff, support teams, volunteers, residents, members of the local community and other third party entities, with knowledge and tools in order that they can develop healthy attitudes towards mental health and greater emotional resilience, whilst strengthening their capacities to manage stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. 

The training, tools and practices we offer within our Self-Intelligence model provide individuals who are struggling with stress and overwhelm with the knowledge and strength to make sense of their thinking, their actions and their behaviours which can then decrease tension, increase energy and finally broaden their limited ‘past perspective’ viewpoint of the world. 

We educate individuals in seeing through a new lens of ‘present perspective’ which separates them from old familiar ‘stinking thinking’ and connects them back to all that they have lost!

We use a synthesis of tools and techniques to deliver innovative solutions to the growing problem of emotional stress and mental health illness in the UK.

Jules Mitchell

Within our Self-Intelligence model, we have developed the BrainTech System™ which is the core of all our training. We are passionate about everyone having access to a much greater knowledge and understanding of their brains, bodies and emotions and have, therefore, developed a system that identifies the key modes that our brains and nervous systems function in and how these have a direct impact on our thoughts, behaviours and actions. 

Our body and mind do funny things when we are anxious, nervous, worried, scared or under any form of pressure. It defaults into a programmed system whose primary role is to protect us and keep us safe. When this system is operating, we often make ‘bad choices’ which can impact negatively on our results. When we are happy and feeling safe, we operate from a different system altogether and this supports us in making ‘good choices’ that, ultimately, lead to more positive outcomes. 

Whilst our brains have developed and evolved over the last few thousand years, unfortunately, our ‘programmed- protective’ system has not! We have not yet developed a ‘fear filter’ which separates real danger from a perceived threat, so we can often find ourselves ‘overreacting’ and feeling anxious far more than we need to.   

Our BrainTech System™ equips individuals with vital knowledge and tools to finally understand how human beings tick; why we so often react in anger or frustration and HOW we can access the more productive, calm and purposeful system on a more consistent basis. 

At our core is the desire to help individuals to nurture their ability to be confident, self-aware, resilient and self-regulating.

Jules Mitchell

At Big Happiness, we offer a softer approach to changing behaviours as we deliver practical ways to both build new neural structures in the brain and consciously regulate the nervous system. These can have long-lasting effects on health and wellbeing. The confidence and good feelings gained from our programmes are not ‘quick fixes’ but life-altering practices. The programmes offer self-improvement tools, mental and emotional resilience skills, increased confidence and motivation and a range of soft life skills specifically tailored to enhance the lives and opportunities of individuals and their families. 

The Fear Effect

The Fear Effect is real! These workshops, keynotes and staff training sessions have been designed to educate organisations on the self-imposed barriers that the brain and mind subconsciously imposes. These sessions also share very practical tools and strategies on how to override automatic self-limiting habits and behaviours. 

Project Happiness 

Project Happiness offers participants who have a range of barriers to both engaging socially with others and finding work. These barriers could be anxiety, depression, low mood, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.   

The project is delivered at the community hub within Tesco in Lichfield, Staffordshire and is facilitated by Jules Mitchell in 12 weekly sessions of 2 hours per week on Thursday mornings. This funded project is part of the Evolve programme, which is made up of 14 partner organisations that aim to support a variety of projects across the Lichfield, Cannock, Tamworth and East Staffs areas.  The projects support participants with multiple barriers to regain their confidence and move closer to the jobs market.

Evolve can support anyone who is:

  • 16 years and over
  • Unemployed (cannot be in part-time work or on 0 hours contract)
  • Economically Inactive (including those not working who are claiming benefits)
  • Has complex needs/multiple barriers which are impacting on being able to enter paid employment
  • Requires support to fully and independently engage in existing services
  • Living in Lichfield, Cannock, Tamworth and East Staffordshire

Happy Mums Club

We have delivered various Happy Mums Clubs over the past four years to different socio-economic backgrounds and have also received funding from the Big Lottery and the Greggs Foundation to enable these to take place in the heart of the community. 

Many parents are vulnerable to suffering from anxiety and depression due to the various pressures that being a parent brings such as finding their new identity, and the stress and tiredness of looking after a young child. This project aims to help mums cope mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the demands of motherhood in order that they build a stronger and more supportive relationship with their child and develop good peer support within their local community.

Happy Schools Programmes & Workshops 

We have been delivering specialist training and consultancy to schools for many years now providing them with a full range of services to support the wellbeing of both staff, pupils and parents.  

We offer specialist Happiness Lab workshops for children and parents and also offer staff inset training days.

We also provide shorter sessions or assemblies to support initiatives such as Mental Health Week. 

Military Families Support  

In 2018 we were commissioned by The RAF Benevolent Fund to write four books specifically for RAF families focused on topics to aid RAF parents and children with practical life skills. These were written to help support the families with day to day stresses and moments of crisis. Our Cloud Nine book series and workshops not only provided education for both the children and the parents but also a wide range of practical ‘day to day’ tools that they could integrate into their daily routines to ensure they were constantly ‘checking in’ on their feelings and states, and able to self-regulate themselves, cultivating both confidence and resiliency. The Big Happiness Experiment CIC has been involved with RAF Benson for the past 6 years via our consultant Susan Barnes, delivering activities to families within the youth groups and as part of the ‘Deployment Lunches’. In addition, we have coached military veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental illnesses and supported military veterans’ families on many of our private courses. 

We support individuals to strengthen their capacities to manage the pressures of either military life or post-military life and provide practical life skills to help support the families in crisis and deal with various life transitions. 

The brains and inspiration for our business is our founder and director Jules Mitchell. 

Jules Mitchell; a truly mischievous genius & M.A.D. about happiness!  

Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach.

Jules is at her happiest delivering insightful talks about human behaviour to audiences both big and small. Check out her 10-minute TEDx talk below: 

In a nutshell, she’s MAD ABOUT HAPPINESS! 

Not the old paradigm of ‘getting happiness’ (I’ll be happy when I GET the house, partner, money, fill in the blanks …) but the inner happiness and contentment you feel when you actually GET life, GET yourself and live with the knowledge that, ultimately you are in creative control of life on your own terms. She’s spent the last 20 years exploring and experimenting with the science and spirituality of happiness and is now regarded as an expert in her field. She’s a professional speaker inspiring her audience to access their ‘superhuman self’ through a process of self-exploration and the implementation of some simple Jules’ Joyshots ™.  

Jules says ….

The key message in all my presentations/ trainings is that we are all truly amazing human beings; however, many of us are unaware of our full potential and become hardwired to accept stress as the norm. This state of being can manipulate our thinking, chip away at our self-worth and keep us living SMALL stressful lives. In fact, our worth is often defined by our perceived status or the opinions of others and not by the things that really matter. My mission is simple; to introduce my audiences to both the BIGGER version of themselves, their whole self; and to impart simple life hacks – my Joy Shots, that will uncover that hidden Self and send stress packing. Change is inevitable for all of us and it is either by CHOICE or by CHANCE that your life will change, which one would you prefer? 


Simply put, I have a gift for helping people to understand how they tick, why they react the way they do, and what simple tools, techniques and practices they can implement into their daily routine to improve their health and happiness. I’m a trailblazer in my field, cutting through the negativity that surrounds mental and emotional health; giving people back the power and the positivity that both a conditioned society and ‘the system’ can so often strip them of. I share my own mental health struggles openly and am passionate about others accessing the level of emotional freedom that I have today. I have a talent for synthesising the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, epigenetics, mindfulness, laughter therapy, behavioural science and somatic psychology into a simple language that people can easily understand. I then present this knowledge in a fun, interactive and high energy presentation, whether that’s for a small team or a conference of 10,000 people! 

About Me

I am extremely proud to be the founder of Big Happiness and the programmes we offer at Big Happiness Academy. Organisations can access our work through The Fear Effect™ workshops or the Get Me; Choose to Change™ programmes. These are practical portals for learning and experiencing Self-Intelligence, and our unique BrainTech System™. Our tag line is ‘Bringing Living to Life’ and we support a wide range of organisations and individuals to do this. We provide training and consultancy to the education sector with our Happy Schools Programme, deliver stress awareness and wellness events to the public and private sector, deliver community mental health projects and I provide personal coaching and mentoring for individuals who have reached breaking point! 


In 2017, I was commissioned by The RAF Benevolent Fund to write a series of four books for RAF families, focusing on wellbeing, mindset and resilience.

Because of the success of these books, I am now in the process of writing again, two books on the topic of mental health, mindset and resilience and the third book is my very personal perspective of living a bigger life. These books are due to be published in early 2020.

I am one of the Warrior Women featured in the book of the same name and am a passionate article writer, having written for many glossies such as Psychologies, Top Santé and Woman; I was also a columnist in the Birmingham Mail sharing my ‘positive perspective’ with the Midlands region and I’ve also been featured in the Guardian and other mainline press on many occasions.  

Clients, Credibility & Media 

I’ve appeared on both ITV’s This Morning and BBC Midlands Today and have been an expert ‘go to’ person for the BBC for years, doing countless radio appearances, most recently on Radio 5 Live. The BBC once quoted me as ‘the happiest woman in the Midlands’ and my professional laughter teacher qualification from Dr Madan Kataria from The Laughter University in India contributed to this title. 

There are too many clients to list from my 15 years in this profession, but a few include ITV, BBC, TEDx, Nottingham University, Comic Relief, Evolve, BBO, The RAF Benevolent Fund, Spectra Experiences, numerous NHS Trusts, Duke of Kent School, Weetabix, Laser UK, BNP Paribas and The Wilderness Festival. 

“Jules knows how to deliver high-impact deep scientific information based on the latest behavioural sciences, which always comes brightly wrapped in a fun, energetic and engaging presentation that will captivate any audience”.

The Big Happiness Experiment is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), our company registration number is 10085998.

Our Company Director is Jules Mitchell – Tel: 07583 203444.

Contact Us  – Business and Finance Manager jules@bighappinesscic.comM.A.D. about happiness!