Welcome to Big Happiness

There’s currently a ‘hive of activity’ behind the scenes so please excuse our page while we revamp for 2019 and beyond

Get Happy

This six week ‘in person’ course is currently offered in the West Midlands (at Happiness HQ) at various dates in the year. It will also be available in other parts of the UK as our team of Big Happiness Coaches™ and Get Happy Hosts™ continues to expand. All courses are delivered weekly for 90 minutes

Happy Talk

Why not infuse your conference or event with a heady mix of fun, science and psychology? Catering for corporate events, conferences, motivational speaking, and events tailored to your needs.

Free Happiness

We have a range of free resources that range from our Happy News, blog, vlog and our #Hardwiring Happy 21 Day Challenge that runs at different times throughout the year. Our podcast is also being launched in early 2019.

Learn Happy

We are very proud of our fantastic range of both online courses and ‘in person’ training through the portal of our Big Happiness Academy.  

These help both individuals who are looking to improve and upgrade their lives and also professionals who are seeking to further their knowledge and skillsets.

Rewire for Wellness

We have a range of training days / seminars that are suitable for gaining ‘The Happiness Advantage ‘at work , we can bring our specialist workshops or training to you or you can treat your staff to a day away from the office!

Happy Schools

The ethos of our Happy Schools is to nurture and develop children’s inner resilience and life skills alongside their academic progression. Our training and workshops deliver the tools they need to not just survive in school, in work and in life, but to really THRIVE.

 If you need further information about our products, training or personal support whilst we get our sparkly new site ready please contact our business manager Lee here: lee@bighappinesscic.com or here: 07583076495.

At Big Happiness, we pride ourselves in providing training, courses, consultancy and inspirational keynotes on Self-Intelligence™ and Hardwiring Happy. These are truly unique in the marketplace.

What is Self-Intelligence?

Essentially, it’s a framework for human potential; it is a model for ‘Being Human’. It’s intelligence on two levels.

(a) An intellectual understanding of what it is to be a successful human being who has a meaningful and creative life.

(b) An inner knowing that we are tapped into a greater ‘intelligence’ and practical tools for utilising this potential.

Our founder and speaker; Jules Mitchell is passionate about bringing living to life! Jules has been delivering keynotes, training, consultancy and coaching programmes on the topic of Hardwiring Happy and Self Intelligence™ for over 13 years.

We are especially good at:

• Creating learning programmes that synthesise the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, laughter therapy, somatic psychology and behavioural science and translate it into practical learning and techniques people can apply when under pressure.
• Creating programmes with very practical and interactive activities that give people the opportunity to learn experientially and practice how they can apply the new techniques they’ve learned.

All our talks, programmes and training tackle ‘head on’ mental health, emotional resilience and nurturing a positive attitude to life’s inevitable challenges.

The services we provide are listed below: 

Self-Intelligence™: Master Trainer Certification, One Day BrainTech™ Training and consultancy.

Big Happiness Coach Certification: Authorising use of Big Happiness products suitable for coaches, therapists, trainers and charities.

Project 52: Subscription based membership to an online coaching community delivered weekly for 52 weeks a year!

Project Happiness: Three-month wellness programme specifically aimed at individuals experiencing anxiety and or depression.

Personal Mentoring Programme for individuals looking to overcome low self-worth and find their ‘happy self’.

Professional Speaking; Keynote speaker, Event / Conference energiser.

Staff Development Days.

Rewiring For Wellness