BrainTech™ is an innovative and simple system that sits at the core of The Big Happiness Experiment’s training. This has been developed over the last 12 years using the latest research from behavioural science, positive psychology and neuroscience. It is a simple system that identifies the key modes that our brains function in and how these have a direct impact on our thoughts, behaviours and actions. Our body and mind does funny things when we are anxious, nervous, worried, scared or under any form of pressure. It defaults into a programmed system whose primary role is to protect us and keep us safe. When this mode / system is running we often make ‘bad choices’ and this can impact negatively on our lives. When we are happy and feeling safe and content we operate from a different system altogether and this one supports us in making ‘good choices’ that inevitably lead to more positive outcomes.
Our human brains have developed and evolved over the last few thousand years but, unfortunately, our ‘programmed- protective’ system has not! We have not yet developed a ‘fear filter’ which separates real danger from perceived threat so we can often find ourselves over reacting and feeling anxious on a more regular basis.

Our BrainTech™ training equips individuals and groups with vital knowledge and tools to finally understand the ‘brain-body link’ and why we so often react in anger or frustration. This new awareness alone can radically improve our mental health and emotional resilience but when combined with The Big Happiness Experiment’s Magic Minutes ™ and Joy Shots™;a more sustainable change can be made to reduce levels of anxiety and increase happiness, success, peace and contentment.