Want to swap being a stressed mum to a blessed mum?




In 2017 we were successful in obtaining a grant from The Big Lottery Fund. This grant enabled us to run a local ‘Happy Mums Club’ which we ran on a weekly basis in Walsall, West Midlands.

The club was first started at The Manor Farm Community Centre in Rushall and then moved just up the road to Aldridge.

This Happy Club was open to all local mums and provided a ‘different type’ of social group in the heart of the community. The aim of this project was to primarily support mums with their needs first; as this is something that can easily drop off when you’re caring for a family! The club was a ‘safe space’ for self care and also introduced the concept of Creative Parenting™; which is the Big Happiness’ model of ‘positive, conscious parenting’ that teaches you how to ’emotion coach’ your children.

The Happy Mums Club was a new initiative brought to you by Jules Mitchell from The Big Happiness Experiment. This ‘club’ was like no other for mums; it wasn’t a baby yoga class, a play and stay, a music class, an art class or baby gym. This was JUST FOR MUMS!!! It was a dedicated tribe of mums who made the decision to support each other in becoming more self-aware and compassionate in their journey through motherhood. In the club we helped our mums to start feeling less stressed, less anxious, learn how to connect to their children at a deeper level and cultivate happiness and contentment in their families. 

The Big Happiness Experiment’s community project ‘Happy Mums Club’ was made possible by the Big Lottery Fund. This enabled  us to provide a FREE coffee shop class to mums in Walsall where they were able to access informal and friendly support on conscious parenting and inner happiness for 12 months. 

The Happy Mums Club is The Big Happiness Experiments very own baby. (pardon the pun) In early 2016 we started the first community Happy Mums Clubs in coffee shops around the West Midlands. We offer this brand new concept as either a regular ‘club’ or as workshops (half day) to existing organisations such as Children’s Centres, family organisations, charities, local authorities and Early Years departments.
The Big Happiness Experiment is passionate about cultivating emotional awareness skills through the Creative Parenting™ model. So we are delighted to also offer a comprehensive training day suitable for child centred staff, specialist school staff, health visitors, charities and parents. These training days are available on request.

For further information on The Happy Mums Club or training for your organisation contact our office: lee@bighappinesscic.com