The ethos of our Happy Schools is to nurture and develop children’s inner resilience and life skills alongside their academic progression.

Mental health conditions are on a monumental rise in the U.K and we feel strongly that if children, parents and teachers can be educated in simple self -intelligence, brain awareness and resilience skills, this will start to address this problem at the very root! Children’s mental and emotional resilience is the key to them being able to learn and apply themselves on a daily basis.

Our training and workshops deliver the tools they need to not just survive in school, in work and in life,  but to really THRIVE. We have now trained thousands of primary children and staff in our BrainTech ™ system and deliver both staff training and student workshops to address specific issues.

Those schools who choose to be fully registered ‘Happy Schools’ have the full Big Happiness Experiment Experience with the M.A.D. Professor working with them for 12 months to ensure the project is a huge and happy success.

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