The ethos of our Happy Schools is to nurture and develop children’s inner resilience and life skills alongside their academic progression. Mental health conditions are on a monumental rise in the U.K and we feel strongly that if children, parents and teachers can be educated in simple emotional intelligence, brain awareness and resilience skills this will start to address this problem at the very root! Children’s mental and emotional resilience is the key to to them being able to learn and apply themselves on a daily basis and our training and workshops deliver the tools they need to not just survive in school, in work and in life but to really THRIVE. 

The Big Happiness Experiment’s work with schools started over 12 years ago with our founder and Director Jules Mitchell. Jules worked as an Educational & Families Consultant for local authorities and the NHS and developed innovative wellbeing programmes that proved to be so successful that they were rolled out throughout the U.K.
It was always Jules’ passion to develop a Happy Schools Programme for primary schools and this came to fruition in March 2015 and our first registered Happy School made the headlines in December 2015. There was a frenzy of media interest in this new concept and this resulted in live TV appearances on both ITV’s This Morning and BBC Midlands Today.

We have now trained thousands of primary children and staff in our BrainTech ™ system and deliver both staff training and student workshops to address specific issues. Those schools who choose to be fully registered ‘Happy Schools’ have The Big Happiness Experiment’s M.A.D. Professor working with them for 12 months to ensure the project is a success.
The outline of our most popular teacher training modules are listed below, these training sessions are delivered ‘in-house’ in half day sessions. 

Teacher Training Half Day In House Training

In this training workshop all delegates will gain a much deeper understanding of the
workings of the brain and body in relation to human reactions to stress. They
will then be equipped with new skills and practices that will educate children
in their setting with a new set of ‘keys’ to unlocking the ‘brain-body-emotion’
code that can often feel very overwhelming. This sought after workshop explains
in a fun and experiential way why our body and mind do funny things when we are
anxious, nervous, scared, worried or under pressure and how we can calm our
brain- body systems down to enable us to learn and make good choices in
stressful situations. Participants
will be introduced to the two main brain systems: Calm & Connected and Alarm
& Protected
and will get a thorough and easy to understand education on
the key workings of a thriving brain and body.

In this training workshop we concentrate on three key areas;(1)The
Two Mind Modes; Programmed & Purposeful
 (2) The Growth Mindset and  (3)  The Negativity Bias. The Big Happiness Experiment
uses the research of both Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck and Dr
Laura Markham in this fascinating training which has been designed to ‘lift the
lid’ on the human psyche! It is extremely useful for all educators and leadership
teams as it literally dives into the human mind and brain and introduces new
styles of teaching / questioning that will nurture every child’s capacity to
learn, grow and develop.

This training is ideally suited to delegates who have
previously attended our foundational
training. Magic Minutes™ are
simple science based tools and techniques that have been developed for teachers
and parents to use to help children calm their anxious mind, manage their own
emotions and focus on the task in hand.
 Some of our Magic Minutes literally take less than a minute to do but can have
an immediate positive impact on mood, emotion and focus in the classroom! This
training session also comes with a set of Magic Minute Cards for each delegate
attending. (Further cards can be purchased)

This training helps educators to make all emotions ‘mentionable
and manageable’ in the classroom and focuses on the work of Dr Dan Siegel.
training is fundamental to our work at The Big Happiness Experiment because
when children are introduced to Emotional Intelligence it provides them with the
understanding and skills that will set them up for a happy and sustainable life!
Within this training module we introduce the
Heartsmart™ model of emotional regulation which includes The Emotional Pathway, The Mood Map and The Feeling Flag. It is recommended that all staff dealing with
vulnerable children attend this workshop to enhance their current skillset.

In this training workshop all delegates will learn how to
introduce a more engaging and scientific method of actively nurturing
compassion, empathy, kindness, happiness and emotional awareness into their
This training workshop will
also have all delegates leaving pumped with positivity as we introduce the key
principles of Positive Psychology in a simple, fun and engaging way that will
ensure that all delegates are buzzing with new ideas to implement in their
setting that will nurture their children’s emotional and mental health.