Happy Talk

Why not infuse your conference or event with a heady mix of fun, science and psychology? Catering for corporate events, conferences, motivational speaking, and events tailored to your needs. Our founder Jules Mitchell is a Professional Keynote Speaker specialising in Happiness. (Of course) Her presentations are always energising, fun, engaging and with a serious message grounded in science. Her specialist keynotes are: 

Keynotes to inspire enthuse & engage your audience.

In all of Jules’ keynotes, she will open the audience’s awareness of WHY they behave the way they do and HOW they can interrupt their negative thoughts and behaviours. She provides the latest science-based information and knowledge and invites her audiences to practice activities that they can then build into their daily routines, to enhance their productivity, their mood, self-esteem, confidence, resilience and ultimately their happiness and success.

Unleashing the Genius Within

The key message in this 45 minute presentation is that we are all true geniuses; unfortunately, many of us are unaware of our full potential and become hardwired to accept stress as the norm. This state of being can manipulate our thinking, chip away at our self-worth and keep us living SMALL stressful lives. In fact, our worth is often defined by our perceived status or the opinions of others and not by the things that really matter. In this keynote Jules will introduce the audience to the idea of living a BIGGER life; unleashing their genius within and sharing some simple life hacks – her Joy Shots; that will help uncover that hidden genius and send stress packing!

The Third Metric to Success; how to achieve a new level of sustainable success.

There are times in our lives when we need to reboot ourselves. We can get stuck in a pattern of stress and that’s when rebooting could be the answer. Think about rebooting your laptop when it’s slow to respond: you’re essentially changing how it’s functioning, so you reset its operating systems to make it quicker and more responsive. You’re not changing the entirety of your laptop, just the way it’s currently OPERATING. When you reboot YOURSELF you’re doing the same thing, you’re not changing the inner workings of yourself, but changing HOW you’re currently operating. In this energising 90 minute presentation, the audience will learn how to upgrade their four key ‘operating systems’ to ensure that they’re performing at their maximum potential. They will also get a bunch of interactivity as they practice a series of ‘life hacks’ that will build resilience, confidence and happiness to ensure that every day from now on can be a good day!